S. R. Morris Releases New Martin Luther Book on Amazon.com

Raised a Lutheran by devoted Lutheran parents, even attending Lutheran churches and church schools in Illinois and Arizona, it seemed only natural for S. R. Morris to write a book about Martin Luther. But he didn’t. Instead, as a writer and editor of many years, he compiled what he describes as “the best, most meaningful passages about Luther I could find and put them in a single book.”

Martin Luther: A Man For His Time is the result of Morris’ search for a significant and reasonably succinct book about Martin Luther. Much of it turned out to be portions of another book written over 100 years ago. Along with some artwork of Luther (some in the public domain and others used by permission), along with a copy of all 95 theses, this book is described as “the best small book about Luther, his work, and the Reformation that I have ever seen.”

Since most of the passages used in the book were written to appeal to 19th century readers, Morris edited the work by making some minor changes in grammar to make it more readable for 21st century readers. “This compiler and editor assumes responsibility for the accuracy of the text and references reproduced in this book,” Morris states. “Reading this volume will inspire you to discover more of what Luther intended for his followers and what he himself believed—that the Word of God is the all-sufficient rule of faith and practice.”

A freelance writer and retired teacher, Morris published his own collection of inspiring stories with Amazon.com earlier this year. Titled My Father Sang to Me & 13 Other Inspirational True Stories, it is a collection of 14 true stories written by the author, most of which were previously published in Christian publications over the last 25 years.

A former newspaper reporter/editor, and a teacher for many years, Morris has been published in Christian publications and a variety of health periodicals and children’s magazines. Many of the stories in his book are about Christians who have demonstrated great faith and made a real difference in the world.

Martin Luther: A Man For His Time is available as a Kindle book for $2.99 from Amazon.com. You can reach the site by copying and pasting the following link in your browser.  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CY4A1CM

Copyright 2013 by S. R. Morris



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